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How it works

Flimbos is a skill based competitions app which allows users to win cash and other prizes. Users enter cash competitions by playing the Flimbos game with the user who finishes in first place on the Leaderboard at the close of the competition winning the cash prize.

E.G: There is €100 euro cash competition live on the Flimbos app. John is browsing the app and wants to enter the competition. John uses some of his credits to enter the competition and when the competition ends John is first place on the Leaderboard which can be seen by all app users. The €100 prize is released to John’s Paypal account

The Flimbos App is available throughout the world and is available to download via the Apple Appstore or alternatively you can download the Android version right here on our website.

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Full functionality
on all smartphone devices.

Download the iOS version via the Appstore or if you have an Android device download via our website.

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